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Adding Assist Messages
Assist Message: Add a message at Publishers' Marketing Websites
Assist Message: Add a message at Publishers' Marketing Websites
Learn how to set up messages on marketing domains of vendors
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Many times, when a patron starts looking for articles, they simply google "ProQuest", "LexisNexis" or "EBSCO" hoping to find the content database website from the vendors.

However, they usually instead arrive at the marketing websites from the Publishers. If they want to get to the correct page, they would have to specifically search for "EBSCO search" or "LexisLibrary" etc.

For example, when Googling "EBSCO," the first hit would be the corporate website,

We therefore recommend adding Assist Messages to these marketing domains with a direct link to the "content domain." In this case, you would create an assist message telling patrons to visit, where patrons can search for e-resources inmediately.

Below is an example of how Assist Message can be used to re-direct patrons to the correct domain:

What websites are recommended to add an Assist Message?

Some websites for which we recommend adding messages:

If you want to read about how to add Assist messages, please visit this article.

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