Library Assist makes it possible to add Assist messages to certain domains. Two of the most frequent uses for Assist messages are:

  • to add messages and notify end-users that the domains that cannot be reached through the proxy

  • to add messages and direct end-users on the "marketing domains" (i.e. to visit the "content domain" (i.e. Read this article to learn more.

How to set up an Assist Message? 

Please watch the video to understand how to set up an Assist Message

Or, please follow the steps below:

1. In the Lean Library Dashboard select Assist Messages > Click the Add new button  

2. Add the URL where you want to show your Assist Message 

3. Please select where you want to show the Assist Message:

You can customise your messages based on your patron's location (ON campus or OFF campus). If you set a message for ON campus only, this message will not be shown to a user who is on the same URL when they are at a OFF campus location.

4. Add the title of the Assist message  

5. Add the text of your Assist message  

Additional settings for Assist Message

Additionally, you can add rules to the Assist messages with these option at the bottom:

  1. set a period of a date and time for the message to be valid for

  2. set if you want the message to pop up on sub-pages of the URL you provided

  3. set the Assist Message to close automatically after given seconds

  4. set if you want this message to be a high priority so it will overwrite all other pop up messages (for example, this is important if the given URL is also listed under your eResources domains list)

How to test if an Assist Message is configured correctly?

  1. Please wait for one hour after you saved the Assist Message configurations

  2. Refresh your extension from the browser extension settings

  3. Please visit the URL you wish the Assist Message to appear and check if it works

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