Library Assist makes it possible to show pop-ups with personalised messages on URLs.

Assist Messages and all their settings can be imported into the Lean Library Dashboard from Excel (.csv and .xlsx). Importing the Assist Messages will be especially useful when you want to change/add multiple entries in Excel, rather than individually in the Lean Library Dashboard.

How to do it? 

To import Assist Messages, please follow the steps below:

1: In the Lean Library Dashboard select Assist Messages
2: Click on the Import button 

3: Select the import file by clicking Browse and click Upload  

One important thing to keep in mind when you export existing Assist Messages and editing on the Excel sheet to import them back is, not to delete the "Identifier" column. Once you create an Assist Message, we assign a unique identifier to track the stats for each message. In case if you delete the identifier and upload the sheet, the dashboard board will consider it as a new Assist message and your stats for the message can be ereased.


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