With Library Assist, you can communicate different personalized messages to your patrons when they land on certain websites via a popup. The assist message will be shown on any page / sub-page - as specified in the setup - of a given domain. It will only be shown once per browser session once it is closed. Its closure can be manual or and automatic, the latter only if you indicate it to automatically close in the set up. You can also dictate whether an assist messages is permanent or temporary (by adding a start and end date). 

Additionally, you can choose when you want them to be shown: ON Campus, OFF Campus, ON and OFF Campus (same message), and ON and OFF Campus but with a different message on each location. 

An example of what an assist message looks like: 

How can I use assist messages? 

Having the ability to add messages to any website gives you the ability to help your patrons in a variety of ways. Some examples include:

1: Communicate general messages to students
For instance, you could communicate temporary changes in the visiting hours of a department on the main institution web site

2: Asking students to log in
You can ask the patrons to log in to a certain portal to see a specific content (example of the screenshot above) 

3: Redirecting patrons
For instance, sometimes patrons mistakenly go to website X when they are looking for Y. You can let them know what the correct URL is. 

Please click here for more examples on how to use the Assist Message feature

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