Library Alternatives: eBooks is the latest addition to the Library Alternatives module. This feature identifies one or multiple ISBNs (International Standard Book Number) on a page and then queries your holdings information for available eBooks.

How do I enable it?

To enable Library Alternatives: eBooks, access the Dashboard, select your account and choose Alternatives Settings.

Within the settings, you should see a section labeled eBooks where you can enable/disable the feature here.

Link Resolver settings are shared with Library Alternatives: Articles, thus no additional and/or separate setup is required, if this has already been set up. Otherwise, please refer to this article.

If you have access to Library Alternatives, but do not see the eBooks section, or the eBooks section is disabled, please contact support.

How does it work?

Library Access extension will identify one or several ISBNs on a page and then query your Knowledge Base / Link Resolver for alternative access. An ISBN is any 10 or 13 digit numbers (with or without hyphens). 

The feature has two states:

Single eBook Found

If a single eBook is found the extension will show a pop up to your user, indicating that an eBook alternative has been found. Clicking the button within the extension will take the user there.

Multiple eBooks Found

If multiple eBooks are found, the toolbar icon will turn green and upon clicking it, the user is presented with up to 10 eBooks, which were identified on the page. Each button will show part of the title and as you hover over it, will disclose the full title. Clicking the button will provide access to the selected eBook.

What you need to know

Library Alternatives: eBooks can only find eBooks that have been activated in your knowledge base. The same book can have multiple ISBNs, depending on whether it is hard cover, soft cover, eBook - only if the ISBN we find on the page is known to your knowledge base, a match can be returned.

If your library provides us with KBART files, please ensure that the KBART export contains eBooks.

If your library uses Alma, SFX, 360 Link or Summon, please ensure that an ISBN based query will return eBooks - we will be happy to assist you with testing and research.

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