If you plan to utilize OpenAthens in combination with an existing proxy, please follow these steps:

  1. In the Lean Library Dashboard, select Account > OpenAthens Settings
  2. Provide your Entity ID and OpenAthens Scope in the form fields provided and save
  3. Do not tick the "OpenAthens automatic login" option

If you plan to utilize OpenAthens as your only form of authentication and wish to benefit of OpenAthens automatic login, please contact support@leanlibrary.com for assistance with your setup!

About OpenAthens automatic login

OpenAthens automatic login utilizes an API, which OpenAthens needs to enable for your account. Please see this article for additional details.

How to identify Entity ID and Scope

If you require assistance with identifying the correct values for your Entity ID and OpenAthens Scope, you will be able to look it up at https://login.openathens.net/org-list

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