The following is a known issue

Once your user completes the OpenAthens Automatic Login, we will obtain a token from OpenAthens and exchange this for a list of E-Resource Domains appropriate for the user.

Due to the way resoruces are assigned within OpenAthens, the API utilized to retrieve E-Resource Domains for a given user, might return a larger set of domains than are available to the user.

Consider this scenario:

You have a license to Elsevier ScienceDirect. When you activate this resource in OpenAthens, you will activate Elsevier as a vendor, rather than ScienceDirect as the specific resource. 

As the user completes the OpenAthens Automatic Login flow, we will retrieve all Elsevier domains for this user, rather than just ScienceDirect. As the user navigates to, Library Access will offer to take the user to the OpenAthens Redirector and if followed receive an error at Scopus.

We are actively investigating ways to mitigate this behavior to create better outcomes.

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