When settings are changed in the dashboard (e.g. assist messages or pop-up texts), these changes will not be immediately available to your end-users. This is intended behaviour, as the settings are cached in the extension for improved performance. 

Settings are cached when the extension starts (i.e. when the browser starts, or when the extension is manually refreshed in the running browser). Additionally, the extension cache is refreshed once an hour. 

In summary, changes in the dashboard will not reflect for your users until either the browser or the extension is restarted, or the extension cache is refreshed at the hourly refresh interval.

How do I check if the new settings went through?
In order to be able to double-check the new settings (e.g. new pop-up texts), please restart your browser/extension 5 minutes after saving the settings in the dashboard.  After the restart, the extension should use the latest settings. For more information about how to restart the extension, please read this article.

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