We regularly update the Lean Library extension in order to keep improving it for our users with new features and developments. Whilst the extension is developed so that it updates itself automatically when a new version rolls out, it sometimes takes a bit of time. If you'd like to manually update the extension, please follow the steps below.

Update the extension manually


1: Please select the hamburger menu in the fight top corner, and select "Add-ons"

2: Next, click on the settings wheel, and select "Check for Updates"  

Google Chrome

1: Select the three dots menu icon in the right top corner, and from the list, select "Settings

2:  From the list, select "Extensions"  

3: Click on the "Developer mode" on the right side corner of the page.

4: Finally, please click on "Update"  


1: Please press Ctrl+Shift+E
2: Click "Updates"

If there's a new version of the browser extension, you'll need to update it from there.

Microsoft Edge & Safari

In Microsoft Edge and Safari there is, unfortunately, no option to manually update the extension. The extension should update itself automatically when loading the browser after the update.

If for some reason it still doesn't update itself, please download the new version from: https://www.leanlibrary.com/download



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