You can now schedule assist messages. With this new feature, you can set up an amount of time for an assist message to be used (e.g. one week.) You can also chose what happens to the assist message after it expires ( can be automatically deleted, or left in the list for later use). 

Scheduled assist messages / temporary assist messages are great for situations when you would only want to use a message for a specific time period. For instance, maybe your library is under construction and you want to place a message on the library website to inform students? You can do that easily with this feature.

How does it work? 

You can have maximum of one active assist message per URL at a time. You can, however, create a scheduled assist message on a URL where there has been a permanent assist message set up already. If there are multiple assist messages created for a URL (scheduled and permanent too), the scheduled assist message will be active. 

How do I set it up?

When creating a new assist message, you now have the option to schedule it. Please note that the set time of the Assist Message is depending on the timezone of your dashboard. The timezone of the dashboard does not automatically change according to the Daylight saving, before setting up the Scheduled Assist Message, please double check if the timezone is correct:

For more information about manually adding an assist message, please navigate here.
For more information about importing assist messages, please navigate here.

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