Scheduled Assist Message is great for situation when you only want to use a message for a specific time period. Either your library wesbite is under construction or a publisher website is temporary unavailable, this feature allow you to provide neccessary information that will help your patrons.

With this feature, you can set up the duration for an Assist Message (for example, a few hours or a week.) You can also choose what happen when the assist message expires (for example, message to be automatically deleted, or stay in the Assist Message list for future use). 

How do I set it up?

Before creating a schedule Assist Message, please check if the timezone is set correctly on your dashboard. Please note that the timezone of the dashboard does not automatically change according to the Daylight saving.

Once the timezone is set up correctly, please set up an Assist Message as usual. To schedule the message, please enable the button Set a start and end date/time? and then set up the date and time for the messaage.

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