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Lean Library: Beta and Live Environment
Lean Library: Beta and Live Environment

A short summary of Beta & Live Environments for Lean Library

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As an admin, you will have access to two Lean Library environments:

    Designed to allow you early access to new features of Lean Library and short term experiments with configuration settings

    The live environment your users have access to

Release Process

We employ a multi-stage release process. 

  1. Our development teams develop within their own environment 

  2. Test branches are made available for testing by Lean Library staff on a test server

  3. After internal testing by Lean Library staff, we will release new features to about one week before they are released to (live). This will provide you with an opportunity to familiarize yourself with new features and conduct any testing you deem valuable.

We will inform via email as soon as a new beta or live release is available. 

Beta Environment

The beta environment is a replica of the live environment both in terms of the technology and your data.

How to login to Beta Environment?

To log in to Beta environment, please send an email to to request an account. Once you have received your account activation email, please log in via

Connection between Live & Beta

Any change you make in beta will NOT be reflected in the live environment, as these two environments connect to their own distinct databases, which are not connected.

While both environments are hosted on AWS and are thus on the same virtual network, they are protected by distinct security groups to provide additional protection to you.

How often does Beta Enviroment sync with Live Enviroment?

The Beta enviroment will sync with your Live enviroment on the 1st and 15th of the month. This means the settings you have saved on Beta will be re-written with your current settings on your Live enviroment.

What is your Disaster Recovery Process?

  1. Lean Library utilises an immutable server setup. In other words, we are able to rebuild our server infrastructure at any time, based on the configurations desired.

  2. After rebuilding the server environment, we would restore the database from the AWS hosted backup

  3. Lastly, we would rebuild the project from source

We do absolutely everything to avoid needing to use this disaster recovery process, this is a process that we have put in place to allow us to recover from disaster within a reasonable amount of time.

How do you monitor your systems?

We employ a number of third party tools that are designed to help us monitor our systems for optimal performance.

We use a Software as a Service product for log-file analysis, allowing us to analyse our logfiles and set alert conditions, which will be brought to the attention of our development team.

Additionally, we use a Software as a Service product for performance monitoring of our server environments. It allows us to see up to the minute information on the health of our system, including alerts and traces for failure conditions.

Lastly, we utilise a monitoring tool provided by our hosting partner to ensure that we have a comprehensive view of performance.

For each of the tools, particular alert conditions have been set and are continuously reviewed for appropriateness to ensure that the right team members are informed of any noticeable system event, which would require their attention.

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