How to set up Highlight & Search

Help direct students to your search engines with Highlight & Search

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What is Highlight & Search?

Highlight & Search is a feature that enables your patron to highlight any text on a website, right-click and look up the highlighted text against your library discovery.

Please read here for more information.


Institute admins can access the Lean Library Dashboard and select Access > Access Enhancers / Integrations > to set up Highlight & Search.

You will be able to set up this feature for up to five search engines.

What information will I need?

For each search engine you will need three variables:

  1. Short Name

  2. Context Name

  3. URL

The Short Name will be used within the Lean Library Statistics Module and will not be visible to your patrons. Please select a short string without spaces.

The Context Name will be shown to your users when they right click in the context menu. It is ideal to provide a "call to action" as part of the Context Name, e.g. Search at Library Discovery

The URL is the GET-URL of the search engine, you wish to address. Kindly insert {search-term} at the location within the URL, where the search term is to be placed. For example:{search-term}

How will this be displayed to my patrons?

If you have a single search engine activated, the "Context Name" will be shown at the top level

If you have several search engines setup, the top level will show "Library Access" - the name of the extension - and the "Context Name" will be shown in a sub-menu.

If your user has selected several institutes, the top level will show "Library Access" - the name of the extension - the next level the name of your institution, followed by your search engine(s).

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