How to configure Shibboleth

Learn how to configure Shibboleth with your Lean Library account

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If you are using Shibboleth as your authentication method, please follow the steps below to configure your account with Shibboleth.
To integrate, you can use your WAYfless URL Redirector or the Lean Library Redirector. If you select the Lean Library Redirector, please refer to this article here to see which domains we support at the moment.
​Configuration steps

1: In the Lean Library Dashboard, select Access > Shibboleth Settings

2: Enable the Shibboleth settings

Configuring with Custom Redirector

3. If you are using your own Redirector, Please select the Custom Redirector option in the dropdown list as shown below.

4: Enter the Redirector URL here so it can build the correct URL and login for any given resources, then Save changes.

Configuring with Lean Library Redirector

3: If you do not have your own Redirector, please select Lean Library Redirector from the dropdown list

4. Enter your Identity Provider (idp) here to complete the setup, then Save changes.

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