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How do I promote Lean Library to my users?
How do I promote Lean Library to my users?

Are you about to launch Lean Library in your institution ? Get some support from our communication material.

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To promote Lean Library extension to your patrons, we have a few ready-to-use promotional tools that you can easily set up and use for the launch:

Otherwise, In the Admin Portal, under the “Support” tab, you’ll find “Communication Material” and “Additional Marketing Material” to help with your promotion.

Communication Material

The “Communication Material” tab provides some useful tips and tricks for communication, along with examples for communication. Also on this page, you’ll find examples of communication from peer institutions.

More from Librarians

Here are some other ways librarians have spread the news:

  • Respond to every library inquiry or support inquiry with a suggestion to download the extension

  • Tweet out about Lean Library and its benefits

  • Reach out to faculty through subject liaisons to get their buy-in and ask them to share with students

  • Work it into freshman orientation or any library 101 courses

  • Embed in your Discovery system, Library Catalogue, eJournal Search, and on the EZproxy menu page (this worked incredibly well for the University of Melbourne)

Need help creating something for promotion? Email and we are happy to assist.

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