What is Toc Alert?

ToC Alert enables the end-users to subscribe to table of contents (ToC) alerts of their favorite journals. When a new article is added to the journal, the users receive a notification via e-mail about it.

For this, we utilize the JournalTOCs API https://www.journaltocs.ac.uk/page_help.php. This API supports almost 36.000 Journals, from over 3.700 publishers.

How can you subscribe?
Please follow the below steps

1: As a Library Access extension user, search for your keyword(s) on https://scholar.google.com and see the results below with a direct link to “Subscribe to ToC Alert”

2: Click on the “Subscribe to ToC alert”

3: Please enter your email address and follow the registration process in order to successfully subscribe to the ToC alert for the journal

4: Please check your email inbox for the confirmation email

Please click here to see how you can find your list of subscribed ToC alerts in your personal dashboard.

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