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Learn what you can find in the statistics tab of the Lean Library dashboard

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In the Lean Library dashboard, we provide statistical data to the library administrators. These statistic reports can be useful for you to check how many users are benefiting from the Library Access extension within your institute and how much each module is contributing to their daily workflows.

How can I see the statistics?

1: Please login to your Lean Library dashboard

2: Open the Statistics tab

3: Filter the statistics period as shown below (past 12 months or any calendar year)

Which statistics can I see here?

Below are the main topics which we are covering under the statistics tab in your dashboard.

Active users: Active users are the users that have triggered the extension at least once within the respective month. This number always gets set back to zero on the first of every month.

Browser usage: This section shows the share of each browser utilised by the end-users to use Lean Library extension.

Access statistics: Access statistics is showing you all the Access module-related data such as, how many "Access Possible" popups have been shown and how many times it has been clicked by your users.

You can see the search enhances done by the extension in Google Scholar & Pubmed at the bottom of this section.

Alternatives statistics: Alternatives statistics section provides data about all types of alternatives options (Articles, eBooks, open access & ILL) which were found by the extension for your users.

Assist statistics: We provide an overview of all the assist messages viewed and clicked in this section. However, if you wish to see these statistics for each Assist Message, please visit the Assist tab in the dashboard and see individual stats.

Onboarding tutorials: You can see the number of times the users have seen the onboarding tutorial of the Lean Library extension.

Search engine usage: This section shows you the statistics of the number of views of the Highlight & Search results.

ToC Statistics: In this section, you can see the numbers of users who have opt-in for ToC alerts. The data includes the number of Subscriptions, Subscribers, and Journal Updates that were sent. You can see the number of Scite views and clicks by your patrons.

If you are not clear about the sub-topics of the Statistics, please hover your mouse pointer over the "i" icon on each section. This will give you a clear explanation of what you are seeing in that particular section.

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