Library onboarding tutorials can be set up to appear as iFrames or Content on any given location. Once you know which training/onboarding content should be attached to a specific location, it's very simple to set up your Lean Library onboarding tool to guide your users and provide them with the necessary information on location.

As the first step of setting up the Onboarding tool, You need to add the Asset you would like to assign with Onboarding content. Please click here to see how to create an Asset in the dashboard.

Once you have successfully created the Asset, the next step is to add your Onboarding content which you would like to present on the location. Please see the below video for more info

Now that we have both the content and the Asset are added to the dashboard, it is only a matter of combining these together in order to successfully set up the onboarding tool. Please see the below video to see how you can combine these two.

Once you have completed the final step you have successfully set up your Library Onboarding content to the selected Asset. Please see below how the Onboarding tool appears on the web page.

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