Thank you for your interest in our Lean Library Access browser extension. We have created a demo account that you can download and try out the examples we have provided in order to experience how this extension works in each situation.

Please follow the below steps to get started

1.Please download the Library Access extension into your preferred browser here.

2.Once downloaded, the extension will be opened in a new tab in your browser.

3.Please select “Lean Library Access” as your institute from the dropdown list and press save

Now you are all set to test the Lean Library Access extension

4. Please click here to find the examples for the account you selected

5. Please follow the instruction given in the trial page you open and find the examples to test all the below features of the Lean Library Access product.

· Library Access

· Library Assist

· Library Alternatives

o Article Alternatives

o eBook Alternatives

o Open Access Alternatives

o DDS/ILL form

· Search Engine Enhancements

o Google scholar

o PubMed

· Highlight & Search

· ToC Alert

. integration

Are you interested in our product and eager to find out more? Please contact one of our sales representatives to get more information.

Would like to give us your feedback about the product? Please reach out to us at

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