In the occasion that your library has changed the authentication system, please ensure to update this on the Lean Library’s dashboard to ensure a smooth transition for the patrons.

If you are shifting from Proxy to OpenAthens or Shibboleth, please note that it is possible to keep both Proxy and OpenAthens and/or Shibboleth as your authentication systems. To do this, please follow the below steps to get it set up:

To avoid interfering with your patrons' workflow during the transition period, you can make these changes in your beta version first. Once this is tested successfully, you can make the same changes to the live version. Please click here for more info.

1: On the dashboard > Access > Proxy Settings, please check if your Proxy Settings are still ON

Configuring OpenAthens

2: Next, please click Access > OpenAthens Settings > switch ON Enable OpenAthens > fill in your OpenAthens Entity ID and scope. For more details, please refer here

Configuring Shibboleth

2: please click Access > Shibboleth Settings > switch ON Enable Shibboleth > fill in your Shibboleth Redirector Type and Identity Provider (IdP). For more details, please refer here

After you have saved the changes, please allow at least 1 hour before testing.

How to change the Access Type for the domain?

If you happen to use both Proxy, combined with OpenAthens and/or Shibboleth, you will need to identify the Access Type on your e-Resource domain to enable the extension to function smoothly.

To change the Access Type, please click "Edit details" under "Actions", and click on the dropdown list of Access Type to select authentication method for the domain.

If you wish to make changes on the Access Type for multple entries, we would recommend you to export the E-resource Domains, make amendments, save it and then import them back on the dashboard. For more instruction, please read this article.

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