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Updated over a week ago is an efficient way to discover and understand research. Using Smart Citations, easily check how a scientific article has been cited and if it has been supported or disputed by others.

You can activate this function across all academic websites which your patrons use and where a DOI is discoverable on the articles they are viewing.

Integration with Academic Sites

With enabled for academic sites on the dashboard, when the end-users land on an article with a detectable DOI, the badge will appear on the right bottom corner. This will look as follow:

Patrons can then get more information about the article on Scite's website when clicking on the badges.

Integration with Google Scholar can also be integrated with Google Scholar, with its switch on, you will be able to see an insert bar below each article, providing the users with an insight into how this article has been cited.

How to enable for your patrons?

To enable this feature, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Integration Settings, then click Scite Integration Settings

  2. Please enable Scite Integration

  3. Then select to enable on Academic Pages and/or Google Scholar

  4. Click Save Changes

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