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E-resource Domain Settings: What is it and how to set it up?
E-resource Domain Settings: What is it and how to set it up?

Learn how to manage e-resource domain on your dashboard

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To complete your Access set-up, it is important to import a list of e-resource domains to enable the extension to show Get Access pop-ups on the domains where you require it. Without any e-resource domains, Access pop-ups will not be intrigued, so it is essential to integrate this for a fully functional Access feature.

When you are updating/editing a larger list of domains, we recommend you to manage your E-resource Domains with an Excel or CSV file format. You can download a template here: Access > E-resource Domains > click Download and select the file type you wish the template to be.

On the template:
โ€‹Column 1 is to identify if you want the domain to be enabled.

Column 2 is Title of the domain

Column 3 is the domain URL

Column 4 is if you want the pop-ups to show only when the URL is on exact match only

Column 5 is Access type. If you have both Proxy and OpenAthens or Shibboleth as an authentication method, it is important to identify which method should the domain be authenticated by.

Column 6 is for internal comments/notes.

Once you have imported/added the domains, you can view the domains as below. In here, you can view their settings and also make individual changes:

One thing to note: If there are any domains you no longer use, we would recommend you disable the domains, rather deleting the entries. This is to avoid the deleted domains being imported back during the daily automatic import of your proxy configuration file. This will only apply if you had set up an automatic import (more information here).

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