Authentication Settings: Proxy/Shibboleth/OpenAthens

Learn the ways to configure the Access feature

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The Access feature enables the patrons to easily access e-resources through your Proxy server, OpenAthens, or Shibboleth authentication systems. When a patron browses a domain that is in the Lean Library Access configuration, the Extension will redirect them to the resource after being authenticated.

With Lean Library, you can configure either Proxy server, OpenAthens or Shibboleth only, or all three at the same time.

If you use more than one authentication method for the Access configuration, it is important to identify the Access type on your E-resource Domains. More details can be found here.

On the dashboard, you can manage the entry by clicking the edit button:

If you wish to make any changes that involved more than one entry, such as disable/enable a number of domains, exact match, or access type, we recommend you to export the E-resource Domains, make amendments and then import them back on the dashboard.

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