With the Lean Library browser extension you can select up to two institutes. For example, if you're affiliated with two universities or you're working for a company and also studying at an institute that are both subscribed to us. Simply select both of them as your institutes on the extension so you can make use of the resources they both provide.

Please follow the steps below to select two institutes on the extension:

1: On your browser, click the Lean Library browser extension icon

2: Click the Settings button

3: Select your Primary institute first and then click Add extra institute. Then select your Secondary institute.

After you've selected the secondary institute, your extension settings will look as below:

Please Save your settings.

When you're conducting research with two institutions, we'll give priority to the primary account. If the extension has no responses for the article/eBook you're looking for with the primary account, the extension will search for possibilities using the secondary account.

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