The Alternatives feature helps end-users easily access e-resources in alternative ways. This service consists of three alternative ways of accessing resources: Article Alternatives, eBooks Alternatives, Open Access Alternatives.

When an end-user ends up at a paywall during their research, Library Alternatives will kick in and search for an alternative way for the end-users to access the research materials.

How does it work?

For Article Alternatives and eBooks Alternatives, our extension will take the DOIs and ISSN (article) or ISBNs (eBooks), send the data to Crossref and extract the metadata to search against your Holdings Information (licensed locations of articles & eBooks). This means your Holding Information are queried with the Link Resolver via an Open URL request. Hence, the extension will provide a location for the resource. Here is an example of the Open URL Request result.

Open Access Alternatives

When the extension could not find an alternative within your Holding Information, then we will use our API to look for an Open Access article with the same DOIs/ISSNs from Unpaywall and as the next step.

In the occasions where there has no Open Access option available, then we will show the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) / Document Delivery System (DDS) option which we will redirect them to your Interlibrary loan form.

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