What is an Asset?

An Asset in the Lean Library Futures dashboard is very similar to an E-Resource domain. They are locations where the tools can be configured later. However, the additional functionality of an Asset is that you can add access links to any Asset which makes it a group of URLs connected to one Asset.

Why is it useful to add access links to an Asset?

With access links, you are able to add multiple, corresponding locations, where it might make sense. As a real-life example, you might want to add an asset for Google scholar and provide https://scholar.google.com/ and https://scholar.google.nl/ as access points (mind the .com and .nl differences). Other examples might be, where a website has multiple URLs to access, but there are addressing the same content.

How do I set up an Asset?

Please follow the below steps to set up an Asset in your dashboard.

  1. Open a "New Asset" tab to add an Asset

2. Fill in the Asset Name, URL of the Asset and add any access links if applicable.

If there are no access links to the asset you are adding, please add the same URL (i.e. same as the asset) to the access link tab and press Save.

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