You can set up a direct link to your library's contact information (service desk) on specific locations to provide support for your users along with the other features in the onboarding tool. This feature can only be configured as a redirection link to the library's service desk page.

Please see the below videos to find out how you can set up Service Desk for a specific location.

As the first step of setting up the Service Desk tool, You need to add the Asset you would like to assign your contact information. Please click here to see how to create an Asset in the dashboard.

Please see the below video to learn how to set up the Service Desk Content on the dashboard.

Now that you have both the content and the Asset added to the dashboard, it is only a matter of combining these together in order to successfully set up the Service Desk tool. Please see the below video to see how you can combine these two.

You have now set up your Service Desk tool successfully.

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