Lean Library Futures dashboard allows you to customise your settings in many ways. This article will help you to understand how you can use the Basic & Advanced settings to set up tools on specific URLs and how to use the Wildcards to take broader approaches to set up the tools.

Basic & Advanced settings

This can be used with all Onboarding, FAQ, Survey & Service desks tools in the dashboard. This setting is useful if you would like to assign specific content to specific trigger URLs.

Open a new setup tab to assign your content to a specific URL.

Press the "Specific" button to find your URL settings.

It will open a new section in the window with 2 options to select Basic or Advanced settings.

For Basic settings:

You can enter your specific URL here in the Basic section if it does not include wildcards.

Ex: if the main Asset is https://journals.sagepub.com, you can enter the trigger URL for your Accounting related content to appear on https://journals.sagepub.com/home/acha

For Advanced settings (with Wildcards):

This can be used with Wildcards which will enable you to assign content to appear on a broader range of domains & URLs.

Ex. If the content you have created is common to all the subpages of journals.sagepub.com, you can enter the wild card as below to provide your content on all the subpages of the domain.

Please see the below instructions on how to use Wild Card in many other forms.

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