Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a widely used market research metric that typically takes the form of a single survey question asking respondents to rate the likelihood that they would recommend a resource or service to another.

Lean Library Futures enables you to use the NPS tool to collect your patrons' responses about the publisher websites you have subscribed to in one location. We will randomly pick your patrons and provide the questions until we collect the set number of responses.

Note - One campaign will only be shown to a patron, only once a month.

It is very simple to set up your NPS tool on the Lean Library dashboard. You can select if you want to set up NPS Basic or NPS Plus with Lean Library depending on your requirement. With NPS Basic, you can set up one question, and in NPS Plus you can set up four questions to get your partons' responses. Please see the below steps to find out how to set up your NPS tool.

  1. Please open your Lean Library Futures dashboard and navigate yourself to the NPS tool. Press creat campaign.

  2. This will open a new form to create your campaign. Please select whether you want to set up NPS Basic or NPS Plus depending on your campaign requirement.

  3. Please fill in the Campaign name and the Questions.

  4. Additional Settings - It is important to specify your requirements under the additional settings to select your Campaign Target, Value & Period to run the campaign. Please fill in the information as per the requirement.

Ex: If you select Submissions and set the Value to 10, we will randomly pick patrons from your library and show the question/s until 10 patrons answer the question/s successfully during a calendar month.

Finally, select the Asset/s where you'd like to enable this campaign to appear. Please note that you can only enable active one campaign per asset at a time. Please read this article to find how to add an Asset to the dashboard.

Once your campaign is live, you can track the statistics of each campaign in the dashboard.

Please visit the NPS section in the dashboard and click on the statistics icon on your right side.

This section will provide you with insightful statistics about your patrons' responses. Statistics will include the total views of the NPS questions by your patrons and the total responses will tell you how many patrons have responded to the questions. Depending on these responses we will provide the average score for this campaign.

We will also show the NPS scores per Asset per month in a table and a graph to give you a clearer idea of the responses.

You can select different assets and compare your responses with each other by selecting them from the "Choose assets to compare" option.

You can select or unselect the Assets from the graph to compare responses.

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