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Branded Download Page: How to set up?
Branded Download Page: How to set up?

Learn how to set up Branded Download Page

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It is very simple to get Branded Download Page set up. All you will need to do is to send us a request to along with the logo you wish to upload and the URL slug you wish to use in the URL.

The URL of the Branded Page will be as follow: (the URL slug is definable by you).

For example, my institute is Univerisity of Make Believe, hence, I have set up my branded page URL like this:

Once you share the information mentioned above, we will create the Branded Download Page for your institute. Once the initial steps are set up, you can log in to your dashboard and further customise the settings.

To do so, please log in to the Lean Library dashboard, under Promote Library Access, please click Branded Download page:

You will be navigated to the settings page where you can change your logo and/or customise the default content:

When everything is set up, please press Save Changes. Now, please head over the URL (the URL slug that defined by you), you will see the Branded Download Page is ready to go.

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