Keyword Enhancement allows you to be one-click away to see the definitions that are integrated with your selected publisher content at your selected domains. This is integrated to enhance the browsing experience, in order to provide them a quick and simple way to see the definitions by hovering on top of the highlight terms.

To give an example, without Keyword Enhancement, if you are looking up anything on Wikipedia, this is usually your search result:

However, when browsing Wikipedia (or any other website) with Keyword Enhancement enabled, you can simply click any of the publisher's content packages under the "Library Content" option as shown below to highlight the keywords

Once clicked, we will enhance your content by searching for the keywords that have been integrated with your selected publisher's content, then they will be highlighted as below:

If there is a term that you would like to see the definition, simply hover above and a short definition will be displayed right underneath:

Interested to learn more about the term? Once you click Read More, you will be taken to a new page with the full explanation of the term on the selected publisher's website:

Interested to see how else you can use Keyword Enhancement? See this case study with Zurich University of Arts and how they have made use of the Keyword Enhancement to surface trustable resources on Wikipedia.

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