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Lean Library Futures: What is Additional Library Search?
Lean Library Futures: What is Additional Library Search?

Learn how Additional Library Search works in Lean Library Futures

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Additional Library Search is a simple and convenient tool to bring your library discovery layer to your patrons' workflow, while they are researching on Google or Google Scholar.

What is Additonal Library Search?

With this feature, we integrate your discovery databases and content providers in the Lean Library dashboard. Once integrated, your library's discovery search results will be injected into Google and Google Scholar. This means, while your patrons are browsing search results from Google, they can also see the search results coming from the library too.

For example, if your patron inputs a search query to Google or Google Scholar, our extension will simultaneously search the term in all of the connected databases. When the user pulls the Workflow Librarian (arrow/icon on the right side of the screen), you can click on the Library Search option to bring the additional search results widget into your screen.

If you would like to see the details of any of the search result, please click on the result and you will be taken directly to your library's discovery layer:

See below on how Additional Library Search help pulling in results from the library databases:

What discovery sources do we support?

We currently support these databases to be integrated to this feature:

  • Confluence


  • Exlibris


  • Sharepoint

  • TDNet

  • Trip Database

  • WorldCat

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