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Workflow for LibGuides: How to assign your LibGuides to a Resource
Workflow for LibGuides: How to assign your LibGuides to a Resource
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After you have successfully configured LibGuides Integration onto Lean Library dashboard, you will be able to import and assign your LibGuides onto your selected Resource. Here is more information on how to integrate LibGuides onto the dashboard.

Since your LibGuides has been integrated onto the dashboard, you will be able to see the list of your LibGuides. Please see the below steps to learn how to assign your Libguides to a resource.
Please click the arrow button on the right side to open up your LibGuides menu.

This will be how your LibGuides menu be shown to you:

With Ingest Content, you can assign a specific LibGuides into a specific Resource. For example, if you wish the "Anesthesiology LibGuides" to be visible on "Google Scholar", please tick the "Import LibGuides" next to Anesthesiology, then tick "Enable LibGuides":

Once you clicked the "Enable LibGuides", a small pop-up will appear for you to select which Resource to display the Anesthesiology LibGuides. You can simply select the Resource from the dropdown list, then press "Import to Here" on the bottom of the window:

After you click "Import to Here", this LibGuides content will be imported automatically and it will be shown under Setup tab under Onboarding setting page.

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