We continuously update our browser extension to make sure we provide the best services to improve your research workflow. This includes improvements to our features and performance and we do this by working with the best and latest technology available.

Below are some of the minimum requirements we recommend that you have in order to experience the best performances of the Lean Library extension:

  1. Please make sure to update your extension to the latest available version for your preferred browser.

  2. Update your browser to the latest available version.

  3. Update the operating system of your computer to at least Windows 7 or higher, macOS Big Sur 11 or higher.

  4. We recommend using a computer with Intel processer series 5 or higher for the best performances of the Lean Library extension.

  5. Having a consistent internet connection is required for the extension to work properly.

  6. We recommend you not to have too many tabs open at the same time in your browser for the best Lean Library experience. Having too many tabs open can affect the speed of the browser extension as the other tabs can consume the CPU, RAM and Internet bandwidth.

We hope this helps you to understand some of the minimum requirements you need in order to receive the best performance of the extension. Please reach out to us at support@leanlibrary.com if you have any further questions.

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