The Library Chat integration allows you to deploy your live chatting service to your patrons, where and when they need it. This can be very helpful for your patrons when they face a challenging situation where they need to ask the Library experts for support without having to go to the library's contact page to find support.

With the Library Chat integration, you can set up your specific chat services to be assigned to specific URLs. Please see below for an example to see how the integrations appear in the extension.

We can directly integrate with Springshare LibChat, or other third-party solutions (Custom solutions) as well with this feature.

How to set up the Library Chat integration?

If you have the LibChat feature available for your library, all you need to provide us is the Direct Link to your LibChat widget. We will configure the rest for you. We can also configure the LibChat feature with the Script of your chat widget to embed the widget to the current location. Please find more information here about where to find the Direct Link & the script of your LibChat widget.

If you have access to any other Chat service, please share the custom script of your chat and we will make the configurations for you.

How to add the Library Chat to an Asset?

Please click here to see how you can create an asset in the dashboard.

Once we integrate the Library Chat with the Lean Library dashboard, All you have to do is assign the Library Chat to the selected Asset as shown below.

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