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"Point of Need" Message Generator: How to use it?
"Point of Need" Message Generator: How to use it?

Learn how to generate "Point of Need" message to raise awareness of Lean Library extension

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With "Point of Need" Message Generator, you can now easily generate a customisable message that can be embedded into any platform that is suitable for your institute.

To create the "Point of Need" message, firstly log in to Lean Library dashboard, on the homepage, please click the hyperlink in the image below or visit

How to Generate "Point of Need" message?

To generate the "Point of Need" message, please follow the steps and customise your message:
1. Select your institute

2. Set the colours and branding

3. Choose the width

4. Customise the message

Once you have done the above steps, you can click View and Copy Code, now you can embed this simplified HTML into many varied platforms you manage as part of the patrons' workflow, when and where they need a reminder that Lean Library is available to them.

Where to Embed "Point of Need" message?

Here is a list of possible locations to embed your "Point of Need" message:

• Discovery/Primo pages

• Search engines

• Error pages

• Proxy sites

• Reading List software (e.g. Talis, Leganto or eReserves)

• LMS (Learning Management System) including newsfeeds from the LMS.

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