Please follow the below steps to set up Firefox policy template

1. Please click here to download the Firefox policy template

2. Please Unzip the downloaded file

3. Please open the unzipped file and go to>windows

4. Copy the file firefox.admx to your clipboard

5. Go to (C)>Windows>PolicyDefinitions

6. Paste the file you copied

7. Please go to>windows>en-US

8. Copy the file firefox.adml to your clipboard

9. Go to (C)>Windows>PolicyDefinitions>en-US

10. Paste the file you copied

Please follow the below steps to set up Firefox in Group policy management console

1. Once the above steps are completed, please open Edit group policy – Control Panel on your computer

2. Follow the below steps to configure Firefox in the Group Policy management console

- Group Policy Management>Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>Firefox>Extensions

- Right-click and press edit on the Extensions to install

3. Please select “Enable” and click “Show”

4. This will open another window for you to add the Value

5. Click “ok”

6. Click “Apply” & then click “ok” to close the window

Note – Please follow the below steps to obtain the Value

- Please go to using your Firefox browser

- Right-click on the “Add to Firefox” button

- Copy the URL to your clipboard

- Paste it on the Value field as shown above

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