Community Insights: What is it?
Learn more about Community Insights on the Lean Library Librarian Dashboard
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The Community Insights page provides librarians with a new way to interact with Lean Library and keep up-to-date with our latest features, important updates, events and more.

What will the Community Insights page include?

· Latest Release Notes – Read about brand-new developments

· Upcoming Features – Exciting new features that are coming soon

· Latest Webinars and Events – Details regarding registering for/watching events

· Tip of the Month – Helping librarians make the most out of Lean Library

· Top Assist Messages and Futures Integrations

· Provide Feedback about Lean Library and ask us questions.

Where can I find it?

Log in to the Lean Library Dashboard and click on the icon in the bottom left corner:

If you have questions about Community Insights, please reach out to us at for further information.

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