Workflow for LibGuides is one of our Lean Library products. This is an integration with the Lean Library browser extension, deploying LibGuides on any relevant website or resource. For more information, please visit here.

To maximise the functionality of the Lean Library browser extension, we will need some information from your library to integrate with your systems.

Here is the information we'll need to set up Workflow for LibGuides and how we'll use it:

Workflow for LibGuides

With the Workflow for LibGuides feature, you can surface any of your LibGuides or any other onboarding manuals at relevant points of your patrons' workflow. For example, you can deploy your Google Scholar’s LibGuide to your patrons whilst they are searching for articles on Google Scholar.

LibGuides integration

Site ID and Key: This is not essential as we can work with your LibGuides without direct integration. However, if you do provide us with this information, we can integrate your LibGuides onto the dashboard so you can directly assign your LibGuides to your desired academic websites.

Please follow the instructions here to obtain the Site ID and Key.

LibChat integration

Direct link of your Library Chat widget: We integrate with your Library Chat system so you can deploy your live chat service to your patrons, as and when they need it. We can integrate the Springshare LibChat or other third-party solutions with this feature.

Please follow the instructions here to obtain the Direct link of your LibChat widget.

Supporting Tools

The below tools can be used to support your patrons by providing answers to frequently asked questions with easy access links to the library's service desk and can be used to collect useful insights from patrons by setting up surveys on selected locations.

Library FAQ: No integration is required.

Library Survey: No integration is required.

Library Service Desk: No integration is required.

Lean Library Access

Workflow for LibGuides also provides you with access to Lean Library Access. If you currently do not have Lean Library Access set up, please refer to this article to find out what information is required to set up Lean Library Access.

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