You may see an option on your Lean Library browser extension settings for "Automate my authentication and skip associated pop-ups".

This could either be switched on by default, or it could be an option left unticked, depending on how your library has set up the default settings.

What is "Automate my authentication and skip associated pop-ups"?

This is a setting where you can decide if you'd like to be redirected automatically when you arrive at an e-resource that your library has a subscription to.

For example, if you open up a new browser and arrive at the JSTOR website, if your library has a subscription to JSTOR, you'll be automatically redirected to your library authentication page to be authenticated by the library. Once authenticated, you'll be redirected to JSTOR with a valid authentication session.

Below is a screen recording showing you the difference without and with this setting switched on:

Why is this a useful tool?

This is beneficial if you'd prefer to not see the pop-up appear as often as it usually would. Having this option switched ON, you will always be redirected automatically when you are on a library resource that your library subscribed to.

What to consider before you switch this setting on?

This setting might not be the best option for you if wish to submit a journal article to a publisher site or access the author agreement system. In these cases, you may need to often log in to the system via your personal manuscript central account, rather than the university library system.

In this scenario, it would be best to temporarily disable the "Automate my authentication and skip associated pop-ups" setting. As soon as you've finished submitting a journal article, and would like to resume using the browser extension with your university library, then you can switch this setting back on.

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