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What is the "Show extension settings upon installation automatically" feature?
What is the "Show extension settings upon installation automatically" feature?

Learn about the "Show Extension Settings upon installation automatically" setting on the librarian dashboard

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To support mass deployment of the Lean Library browser extension at your organisation, we've developed a way for you to enable institution selection automatically for extension users who are within the On-Campus IP ranges.

This means that on-campus patrons will be able to use the browser extension directly without needing to select their institution every time upon installation of the Lean Library browser extension. This will save patrons time and enable them to conduct their research quicker.

This feature is particularly useful for organisations using campus computers and Virtual Machines. When the setting has been enabled, the extension will always select your institution in the Extension Settings, and will not open a new tab as if for the first time after each new log in session.

To use this feature, please follow the below steps:

  1. Please get in touch with so they can activate this setting for you.

  2. Once this has been activated, please log in to your dashboard and ensure that the on-campus IP addresses are listed correctly.

  3. Then, simply turn the toggle off and institutional information will be automatically saved. If left on, users will be shown the extension setting page and will still be required to select and save their institution.

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