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How to do a manual import of your EZproxy configuration file
How to do a manual import of your EZproxy configuration file

Learn how to import your EZproxy config file

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Once you have set up the EZproxy authentication system, the next step will be importing your EZproxy configuration file. By doing so, your e-resource domains will be uploaded to the Lean Library dashboard. This mean that the extension will show the Access pop-up when your patrons has arrived at a library resource.

What is an EZproxy configuration file?

This is a .txt file that's provided by OCLC which includes all the details of your subscribed domains. This file specifies the URL domains which should be rewritten by EZproxy.

The configuration file.txt contains directives with database stanzas, groups, interface directives and IP ranges.

A configuration file should also be a flat file which does NOT consist of Include files.

Please refer to OCLC knowledge base for more information about EZproxy and its administrative and technical knowledge.

How to download your EZproxy configuration file:

To download your EZproxy config.txt, please get in touch with OCLC and request an export of your configuration file.

How to import the EZproxy configuration file onto the Lean Library Dashboard:

Once you have downloaded the EZproxy configuration file, please log into your Lean Library dashboard to upload the file manually:

After you have uploaded the configuration file, please go to e-resource domain settings to make sure that the configuration file has been uploaded successfully:

In the long-term we'd recommend setting up a proxy import automation, so that your e-resource domain can be kept up-to-date easily and efficiently. Please read this article for more details.

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