Assist messages are an extremely useful tool for providing customised messages for your patrons when they arrive on a specific URL.

Please see the below examples on ways to use Assist messages to enhance your patrons' research experience:

If you would like to know how to set up an Assist Message, please click here for the instruction

Direct students to access resources via VPN

If there's a resource that requires students to log in via a VPN, add a message with a link that contains basic step-by-step instructions so that the students can get access smoothly.

Direct students to gain access to newspaper websites

If there's a newspaper website that requires students to log in directly via the website, add a message with instructions and let your patrons know how to obtain credentials and view the content.

Notify your patrons of upcoming events

If there's an upcoming event in the library or maintenance scheduled for a website, set up an Assist message so your patrons are notified as soon as they arrive on the website.

Notify your patrons when publications have been paid for

Your patrons may not be aware of publications that have been paid for by your library, e.g. specific journals. Set up an Assist message to make them aware.

Access available elsewhere

If you don't have a direct subscription on a website but have an option for patrons to gain access to the resources elsewhere, set up an Assist message on the website and the subpages so they are made aware.

Redirect patrons to the correct website

There are some websites that have both academic and corporate website, like LexisNexis or Marketline. Add an Assist message to redirect your patrons to the correct website. This is extremely useful on websites which have multiple URLs.

Redirect patrons to use your library discovery

If there are any articles or E-books that the extension cannot show a pop up on (for example, a website which does not contain a DOI or ISBN), leave an Assist message on the website to let them know to search for this resource within your library discovery.

Inform your patrons of key library news

You can use the assist message feature to notify your patrons of any general news such as upcoming events or website maintenance.

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