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Do Ad Blockers affect the Lean Library Extension?
Do Ad Blockers affect the Lean Library Extension?
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Different AdBlockers work in different ways however the common practice is to generally block known advert serving domains. When you go onto a shopping site, for example and see a Facebook advert, the advert is being pulled in directly from Facebook’s own website even though you’re not on Facebook’s website. AdBlockers tend to have a “Block List” of known domains that do this – there are a lot!

Some of them recognise when an advert is being served within an existing web page (like in an area labelled “ad”!) and blocks it at that point, and they’re also smart enough to recognise tracking codes in resources being brought into a page - so they can identify adverts that way too.

AdBlocker are not expected to block the LL extension because we shouldn’t appear on any Blocked Lists. The domain is only used to populate data into the extension which we don’t share it with anyone and the extension clearly is not an advert being put in front of the end user.

We’re also are not bringing in any resources from 3rd party domains, like Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc.) and for features like Scite, where content appears embedded within a webpage, this happens after the page is loaded and isn’t a request from the webpage itself.

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