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In the unlikely event that there are any issues occurring within the Lean Library Librarian dashboard or with the extension itself, there are two ways in which we'll provide you with system information and updates:

  • System Status Page from Technology from SAGE

  • System Status/Message within the Librarian dashboard.

If you happen to notice any issues within the dashboard or with the extension, we'd encourage you to check the Technology from SAGE System Status Page or the System Status Message on the dashboard's homepage, so you can find out if the issue has already been reported.

System Status Page

In the System Status Page, you can find system updates for all of Technology from SAGE's digital services, including Lean Library. This page will include detailed information on any current incident(s) and related updates. You'll also find previously reported incidents.

System Status/Message

On the homepage of the Librarian dashboard you can find a System Status Message for any incident that's currently affecting the dashboard or extension. Please be aware that this message box will be empty if there are no current issues.

If the issue you've experienced has not been listed:

If you cannot see the issue you're experiencing currently listed on the Technology from SAGE System Status Page or the Status Message in the dashboard, please get in touch with our support team by clicking the "Report Bug" button. Or alternatively, send us an email to support@leanlibrary.com so we can investigate it for you.

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