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Welcome to the re-designed Lean Library extension!
Welcome to the re-designed Lean Library extension!

Find out what's new in the Lean Library extension

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We have launched a new and updated version of the Lean Library extension! Find out what's new in the extension and experience a much quicker and smoother journey of academic research.

From mid-2023 onwards, you should be seeing the new and updated extension like below. Please note that you will need to re-select your institution to enable the extension. If your extension is not updated, please refresh your extension manually.


new extension design

Why did we redesign the browser extension?

We wanted to improve the overall performance for all our users, hence we have developed this new extension to address the issues below:

  • Improve user experience

  • Address user feedback, including non-invasive pop-ups in the extension

  • Improve performance, so articles load quicker and users get to library resources faster

What's new with the extension?

In this new design, you will have noticed that all the settings are surfaced on the extension setting side-tray. This allows you to adjust the settings easily and efficiently.

Accessible button to temporarily disable the extension

Arrived at a site where you do not need the assistance of Lean Library? We added this sliding button that allows you to temporarily disable the extension. Now you can quickly disable/enable it, without needing to go to your browser extension setting page.

View extension pop-ups and library support tools

By clicking on the bell icon of the extension (as shown below), you will be displayed all the associated pop-ups that were triggered by the content from the website, for example, Article Alternatives or Assist Messages.

You may see some additional options to disable/enable tools, for example, Library Content or Library Search, depending on your library's subscription.

Manage extension settings and behaviors

By clicking on the settings icon, you will see all the settings you can customize in the extension.

There are many ways you can customize the extension behavior. Please read this article to understand all the customization possibilities.

Floating Button

In the extension redesign, we have added a floating button that will appear at the bottom right corner of your browser by default.

If you click this button, then the extension setting will appear from the right. This is a quick method for you to find the extension, without the need to pin the extension icon on the bookmark bar.

See how to use the floating button, and how to disable it:

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