Students have been requesting more example questions, more video subjects and a simpler study experience. So we've made some updates throughout the platform. This includes the branding, the way you watch videos, and the approach to study.

What's Changed?

  1. A faster & simpler study experience: In NCEA, learning key skills is not enough. You need to know how to get the highest grades in exams (using your skills). Alongside the normal tutorial videos, each playlist now includes videos walking you through past exam questions. You can learn a skill and see how it will be assessed in an NCEA exam, all in one playlist
  2. More free videos and a better-paid service: To make the study experience smoother, we’ve merged our free and paid videos. You can watch a selection of free videos for every subject. All internal standards will also now include free teaching videos. If you upgrade to our $2/week plan, you can access all of our NCEA resources.
  3. New branding: We can all agree LearnCoach was in desperate need of a face-lift. Our new website will make navigating and studying on the platform a lot easier.

Note: Our new $2/week plan has replaced the old subscription options (Plus and Flipped). If you are currently subscribed to Flipped or Plus, click here to learn how this update affects you.

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