The steps a student goes through to join a class will be slightly different, depending on how you add them.

If you have given them the 4-digit class code

Step 1: They are given the class code

If you want to add your students by giving them a class code, they need to sign in or register to LearnCoach.

Once they have done this, they need to click on the 'Join class' button, which is on their homepage. It looks like this:

Then using the 4-digit code that you have given them, they must type that into the provided space to join your classroom.

If you uploaded a CSV file or entered their individual details

Step 1: They are sent an invite

If you added your students by uploading a CSV file or entering their individual details, they will get sent an email asking them to join your class. It looks like this:

NOTE: There are usually two reasons why a student will not get this email:

  1. They are checking the wrong email address (e.g. their personal one rather than their school one). Make sure they are checking the same email as the one you added them with.

  2. It has been redirected to their spam folder.

Step 2: They sign in or register

Once they have the email, your students just need to click the 'join class' button. This will automatically redirect them to the LearnCoach website. They will then see a page like this:

If the student already has an existing LearnCoach account they can sign in. If they do not have one, they will need to register a LearnCoach account by clicking “I don’t have a school email.”

Step 3: They join the class

Once they have signed in or registered, they will be taken to this confirmation page. They will need to click “Join the class”, which will automatically add your students to your classroom.

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