Step 1:
Go to the 'Class Overview' page of the class you are interested in. 

Step 2: Click on the name of the activity you are interested in learning more about. This will open up a side bar with details for that activity. 

If they have not completed the activity yet, the tick will be grey. For videos and past exam questions it will also include the following statuses:

  • Not Started: the student has not started the activity.

  • In Progress: the student is part way through the activity.

 If they have completed the activity, the tick will be purple along with:

  • The word 'complete', for videos and past exam questions

  • Their highest score and number of attempts for quizzes.

  • A button to download their link for submission-based activities.

Quizzes example:

Submission-based activities example:

For information on how to see the progress of an individual student click here 

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