'Invite pending' appears next to a student's name when you have sent them an invitation to join your classroom, but they haven't accepted it yet. 

This will appear if you have added your class by uploading a CSV, or by adding them individually,

'Invite pending' students will appear on your 'My Students' page like this:

Once a student has accepted your invitation, they will become an active student in your classroom.

There are two ways a student can accept your invite: 

  1. Email invitation. After you have added the student, they will be sent an email with a link to join your classroom. After completing the register/sign in process they will be added to your class. To see how they do this click here.

  2. Using the 'Find my class' feature. If they lose the email, (ask them to check their spam) students can also join from their dashboard using the 'Find my class' feature. They just need to search the class name and can join from there.

If you need to resend the email invitation, simply click "Resend".

Once the student has joined your class, they will be able to start their learning. 

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